Grill Fest • July 27, 2019!

Mark Your Calendars for July 27th.

Plan to attend our Grill Fest on Saturday, July 27th, 2019. From 11:00 – 1:00. This is the perfect time to see all the different types of Grills we offer. And pickup some New Grilling tips from all the Various Manufacturers.

Check out our Sidewalk Sale!

Checkout our Sidewalk sale, with Savings up to 70% off.

Just a few photo’s as we set up last year.

Weber Grills.


Burr it’s Cold!

March weather is a little colder this year. Not a problem we have our Winter Clearance Sale going on. With everything in Stock is on sale. We have several ventfree and vented gas logs burning live in our showroom.

Love to have you visit our showroom, any of our sales consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

The Hearth and Grill Shop serving Nashville Since 1974,

Brrr. It’s Cold Outside

Travis Industries

Above is one of our many Fireplaces in our showroom. We have several styles and brands of Vented, Vent free, direct vent,electric and wood burning on display.

Plan to visit our showroom, bring your measurements of your current fireplace. We need the front width, depth, height and the width of the back wall. Take a picture with your phone and bring with you. This will help our sales consultants in finding the perfect Fireplace for your home.

Let’s Pick Your New Fireplace!

Gas Logs
Dimplex Electric Logs.

Servicing Your Gas Logs!

Real Fyre Gas Logs
Vent Free Gas Logs

When the weather begins to get a little cooler, we start receiving more than Average Calls for service on your gas logs. Please before calling for service, try a few things. If you have a remote control, change the batteries in the remote and ALSO on the Vent free gas log unit. Yes, there is also batteries in the Gas log set. Please try to identify the manufacturer of your Gas Logs. Most manufacturers will put their name and model number on each unit.
You can google the manufacturers website and go to Troubleshooting. Each manufacturer has step by step instructions on how to start your gas logs. Also. YouTube will have several videos with more information.

If you have vent free gas logs, the manufacturer recommends having them serviced on a yearly basis. Since they are vent free and they are pulling all the air, dust and dirt from within your home. In most cases, this is why your logs are not operating properly. And I am sure you are like me….What dirt and dust in My home…Never! But, some how everyone has this in their home.

Please be patient, this is our busy season. And we are running about 3-4 weeks out for service and new installation.

Fireplace Screens In Stock & Ready to Go!

Let’s get ready for Thanksgiving!

Such a Wonderful Time of the Year.

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to add a New Gas grill, Pellet grill or Smoker for your holiday cooking.

If you have not tasted a Smoked Turkey, Smoked Ham or Cornish hens on a smoker you don’t know what you have been missing.

So Yummy when it’s Smoked!

Our store has been selling grills and smokers since 1974. It’s what we specialize in every day, even when it is 25 degrees outside. Some of my favorite memories are grilling when it’s really cold.

Everyone seems to gather around the grill to smell the wonderful aroma coming off the food and to keep a little warmer.
We even sell outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits to keep you and your guest warm and cozy. Available in Wood, Propane or Natural Gas.

American Fyre Designs
Outdoor Fireplace

If your looking to add a new grill, smoker, Gas Logs, Fireplace, Mantles, Gas Lights or any type of Hearth products. Please plan a visit to our showroom located at 535 W. Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tn. Just past the railroad tunnel.

We provide service within 30 miles of our store in Nashville. Our showroom is filled with All types of gas related products.

If you are out of our service area, your Welcome to come and see our Gas Logs Burning Live. We have contacts in other areas that may be able to assist you, if we are unable to install in your location.

Just send me an email on Contact Us, located on the top of our page.

Everyone at The Hearth and Grill Shop Thank You for your business.

It’s Wood Stove Time!

Looks like Cold Weather has arrived a little early this year. At our store we offer a wide variety of Wood Stoves and inserts for heating your home.

Lopi Wood Stove

The Cape Cod is one of the cleanest burning and most efficient large cast iron wood stoves in the industry. Made in the USA by Travis Industries. Please visit our showroom for more information on heating with wood.

Small But Mighty!

When Natural or Propane gas is not available. Look at adding a wood stove to heat your home.

Sales – Service – Installation

We have been serving Nashville since 1974, providing Gas Logs, Fireplaces, Wood Inserts, Mantles and Serving Gas Logs. We Only Service the Products that we sell, with our own in house team of Installers and Service Technicians.

Our Service areas are within 30 miles of our store In Nashville.

What did the Woodchuck Say?

How much wood Could a woodchuck chuck,

If a woodchuck could chuck wood?

As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck,

If a woodchuck could chuck wood.

Try saying this three times!

Yummy Smoked Turkey!

Time to get ready for some Smokin on The Big Green Egg

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Have you tried Smokin a Turkey on The Big Green Egg.

We offer all 7 sizes of the Egg, plus the spices for the perfect Turkey.

Thanksgivings Turkey!

Home of Free Assembly & Free Local Delivery!

So Happy To Support ABLE Youth

❤️ ABLE Youth!

October – Time For Gas Logs!

Hello October – Time for Some Gas Logs!

We offer So Many options for your Home…..

Dimplex Electric Logs!

October is here….So where is our Cold Weather! We know it is currently Hot outside, with temperatures in the 90’s. But, we all know winter time is just around the corner.

If you are building or remodeling this is the perfect time to check out all the variety of Gas and Electric logs we have on display in our showroom. Not to mention the wood stoves and heaters. Plan a visit to Nashville and stop in, we would love to visit with you!

Serving Nashville Since 1974 !

Hello Fall Time!

Outdoor Waterfall Fireplace

Today is September 29, 2019, in The Nashville area we have temperatures in the 90’s. Fall is here with some really crazy weather.

Our Company has been in business since 1974 and we have seen So many times when we have had Extra Hot Weather in September. Then the weather starts to change to really cold temperatures.

They are predicting our coming winter will have some really cold days. Don’t quote us, the Farmers almanac is forecasting a cold winter.

Either way we have you covered, since we sell summer and winter time products. We would love for you to visit our showroom in Nashville, located on 535 W. Thompson Lane right by the Tunnel.

Travis Industries!

Spices for Grilling.

Outdoor Kitchens

Prepare for Winter!

Linear Fireplace

This morning was beginning to feel like fall weather. It was so comfortable walking outside, seeing all the leaves falling from the trees. Our favorite time of the year is Fall. On Monday, September 23, 2019 is the First day of fall.

Service Calls for Gas Logs!

We provide service for all the products we sell. And as you all know when you purchase Vent Free gas logs the manufacture recommends to have them serviced each year from the dust and dirt that is pulled in through the burner. If you find your vent free gas logs are not lighting properly or the flame is burning uneven. This is some of the signs that your logs need to be serviced.

Call 615-255-4551 – To set up a Service Call.

Summer Clearance on All Grills In Stock!

September we will have all our grills that are In Stock at Clearance Prices. This is the best time to purchase your new grill. Since the manufactures will have a price increase on the 2020 grills.

Our Own In House Team of Installers & Technicians.

We have our own in house team of Installers and Service Technicians. Trained to provide service on the products we sell.

We Only Service The Brands we Sell!

We can only service the manufactures we sell, since we need to be able to have the replacement parts needed for your products. If you have a brand that we do not carry. Please google the manufacture and they will list a contact company in your zip code. This way you will get someone trained and knowledgeable on your product.

Serving Nashville Since 1974!

Summer Clearance Sale!

Summer is the Perfect time to BBQ on your patio. During the month of September we are having our Summer Clearance Sale. On All In Stock Grills, Islands, Outdoor Kitchens and Smokers. If you have been waiting for that Special Grill to Go on Sale…..

This is the month to make your purchase.

All In Stock A.O.G. and Fire Magic Grills will be on sale at 30% off M.S.R.P.

Fire Magic Islands.

All In Stock Only – Select Models of White Mountain Hearth Vent Free Gas Logs & Vent Free Fire Boxes. Are at Blowout Prices.

We Sale – Service – Install All Our Products!

Nashville Home Show- Thank You For Visiting Our Booth!

Make plans for this weekend to visit The Music City Center, as they host The Nashville Home Show. We have been involved in this show for many years. One of the finest shows in Nashville to see New products and get some wonderful decorating ideas.

Visit our Booth 910 we have brought some Fireplaces, Grills, Gas Lights and Of Course The Big Green Eggs.

The Hearth and Grill Shop – Booth 910
Outdoor Fire

Come See Our Fireplaces

The Hearth and Grill Shop

Instant Outdoor Kitchens – On Sale Now!

The Big Green Eggs