Katie Buys Her First Big Green Egg!

Big Green Egg

Large Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

Large Big Green Egg with Handler

Katie came into The Hearth & Grill Shop looking for a grill to replace a “Box Store” brand grill that was falling apart. She had seen a Big Green Egg at friends house and said that she loved the flavor of what had been prepared on it.

Stephen, one of our sales representatives, showed her the five sizes of Eggs, starting with the Mini, then the small, through the Xlarge. He suggested the Large Big Green Egg for several reasons. First, the large is our best selling Egg, therefore more Eggcessories and replacement parts are available. Second, the Large is big enough to smoke 2 to 3 pork roast or a brisket. However, not so large that you would not want to fire it up for a couple of steaks or chicken breast. Also, the large Big Green Egg has great flexibility between low, slow cooking temperatures and high, searing heat for steaks.

Steven showed Katie a Big Green Egg Nest Stand and different Cypress table options. She choose the nest, because of it’s small foot print on her patio and its mobility. She added a Handler to the nest to increase it’s maneuverability.

Katie Eggcessorized her Large Egg with a Hearth & Grill “Starter Kit” which consist of a 20# bag of Big Green Egg Charcoal, an ash tool, grill grippers, starter squares, and a bag of Apple wood chips.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Cook Book

Big Green Egg

Grill Wok

Big Green Egg

Alder Wood Planks

Big Green Egg

Grill Tool Set

Big Green Egg

Rub and Wooden Skewers

She also purchased a Big Green Egg vinyl cover, a baking stone for pizzas, Alder wood planks for Salmon, a grilling wok for vegetables, a Plate Setter for indirect cooking and Big Green Egg Cookbook.

Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Cover

One thing Katie was not aware of was the Eggcellent warranty on Big Green Egg. All of the Big Green Egg’s have a lifetime warranty on the ceramic parts, including the base, dome, firebox and fire ring.

We assembled and delivered her Egg the following day, free of charge in the Nashville area. We followed that up with a phone call a few weeks later to guarantee satisfaction and she could not have been happier.

Big Green Egg

Eggcessories for your Big Green Egg

The Hearth and Grill Shop is Tennessee’s largest Big Green Egg Dealer. As one of Big Green Eggs first and longest reseller we carry one of the largest inventories with more Eggcessories and replacement parts you will find anywhere in the United States!

For more information about Big Green Egg you can click here, call The Hearth and Grill Shop at
1-800-826-5803 or email us at info@hearthandgrill.com


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