Charcoal Grilled Smoke-Roasted Chicken With Lemon & Thyme

   There is nothing that says comfort food more than a perfect whole roasted chicken.  It is a recipe of few and simple ingredients, but when a few techniques are perfected, the outcome is always delicious and satisfying.     The first thing to do is season the chicken well with lemon and thyme, which are perfect match for this recipe.  … Read More

Charcoal Grill “Terrorized Steak”

  There are very few brand new ideas in cooking and most of the chefs I know, myself included, are very good at borrowing ideas and improvising them to fit their menu.  The name “Terrorized Steak” is borrowed here from Chef Reed Herron in San Francisco, who borrowed it from Jacques Medecin, who was once the mayor of the city … Read More