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Frequent Asked Questions

FAQ for my account

Can I opt not to leave my personal information?
Absolutely. Just click “New User” and when it asks for your information, simply leave the password field blank. In this way, you can complete the transaction and all of your information will be deleted from our database as soon as the checkout process is complete. You can order as often as you like and never be forced to leave your personal information.


How do I change the information in my account?
Go to the “My Account” page, log on, and click “My Information”. You can edit all of the information except for the email address. If your email address changes, you can either create another account using the new address or contact us by email or phone and we can change your email address for you.


Do you use cookies to track my shopping habits?
No, for security and sale integrity reasons our site only implements cookies to identify a current purchasing session which, after a successful checkout process, is deleted from the customer’s computer.


Can my propane grill be converted to natural gas?
Yes. Most manufacturers provide conversion kits from one kind of gas to another, but there are a few exceptions. You should contact your local dealer or the manufacturer to see if conversions are available or recommended.


Does a propane grill cook the same as a natural gas grill?
Yes. You should see no difference in performance or taste when comparing a manufacturer’s natural gas grill versus the same grill using propane.


I want a natural gas grill but am not sure of installation and mounting options.
Natural gas grills may be installed on a post, patio base, portable cart or in a bricked-in structure (built-in grills). The post-mount is installed directly in the ground, usually at the edge of a slab patio. The patio base is installed directly on patio decks or an elevated patio where a post cannot be used. The portable cart is an option for those who don’t want to have their grill permanently mounted or want the flexiblilty to move the grill around. The built-in grills usually require a non-combustible surround built to slide the grill into. If combustible surrounds are used, you must also order an insulating liner to protect surround from getting too hot.


Is it better to use a grill with briquettes or without?
The flavoring or smoke produced is from food juices hitting a hot surface, which could be briquettes or a substitute. Briquettes usually give you more coverage at the bottom of your grill, producing more smoke. But briquettes also require occasional turning over to burn off excess grease build-up. Briquette substitutes usually require less maintenance and give the same flavoring and, depending on the material used, may last longer than briquettes.


I’ve got natural gas at my house. Should I buy a natural gas grill or propane?
Although natural gas grills are usually a little more expensive due to installation costs, they are the most convenient of the choices (no need to refill or exchange cylinders or concerns of running out of gas). Natural gas grills also cost less to operate.


Paint is peeling off the inside of my grill lid. What can I do?
No grill manufacturer paints the inside of grill lids. What you’re seeing is probably accumulation of grease and smoke build-up over time. Use a scraper or brush to remove build-up on your grill lid.


Which type of burner is best?
The best type of burner we have found is cast stainless steel burners.