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And the Winner Is…6th Annual Backyard Challenge Results from The Hearth and Grill Shop

Saturday, June 26th, 2010


Grand Champions:  Smokes and Drinkers

Grand Champions: Smokers and Drinkers

The Ash Holes...  Second Prize

The Ash Holes... Second Prize

Ol Zeke's BBQ....Third Place

Ol Zeke's BBQ....Third Place
















And it just keeps getting better! A record 20 teams competed for over $6,500 in cash and prizes, once again making the Hearth and Grill Shop’s Annual Backyard Challenge a big success. With cooperation from Mother Nature, the day shone beautiful with contestants showing up and showing off their smoking and grilling skills.


The judges tasted 19 different entries for ribs, 17 for chicken and six desserts. All the entries boasted their own flavor and flair from tangy and spicy to sweet and smoky. The judges came to their final decisions, but the biggest consensus was that it wasn’t an easy task. “It was like trying to pick out your favorite child. You just can’t.” said one judge, who wishes to remain anonymous. But in the end, the Grand Champion was  The Smokers & Drinkers.  Coming in a close second were team “Ash Holes”, and Ol Zeke’s BBQ took third.


For the Charcoal – Ribs category, the Ash Holes took first place, followed by Team Manwagon and The Smokers & Drinkers. For the Charcoal –Chicken category, it was Smokey Chews walking off with the first prize, with Ol Zeke’s BBQ and Team Manwagon following up in third. The Gas – Ribs category went to The Smokers & Drinkers, with Ash Holes in second and Ol Zeke’s BBQ in third. In the final category, the Gas – Chicken, first prize went to Rusty Nails, with The Smokers & Drinkers next and Pond Switch Smokers in the third slot.


You could see by the enthusiasm of all of the contestants, judges and spectators that the Annual Backyard Challenge will be around for a long time. “This is a great way to start the summer” said a spectator as he sipped on a cold beverage and inhaled the cornucopia of aromas from all of the grills and smokers.


Everyone from the Hearth and Grill Shop want to extend a thank you to all of the participants for making this a record turn out for the Annual Backyard Challenge. We can’t wait till next year.


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